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Crown reductions in Cleveland

Crown reductions are carried out to increase the clearance between the ground level and the lower branches either to allow access to below the tree, clear sight lines, improve your views or allow light to penetrate the ground beneath the tree. Crown reductions can be carried out as part of our tree pruning service if you wish. It can improve the appearance of your tree, as well as having many practical benefits too.

Why have a crown reduction?

• Tidy up the appearance of your tree

• Allows for better access below the tree

 - Easier for grass cutting

 - Easier for planting at the base of the tree

• Clears sight lines and improves your view

• Allows light to reach the ground below the tree

 - Allows grass to grow healthily

 - Allows plants to grown beneath your tree

"It is noticeable that Mr Foley and his assistant really enjoy what they do. They have all the best equipment and as well as being efficient they were extremely polite and were happy to answer any questions."

- Mr. Stott

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