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Stump removal with minimal mess and disruption

Have you had a tree felled? Are you now left with an unsightly stump that needs removing? Well that's where we come in. Stump removal can be a tricky process. It is about making sure all remnants of the stump are removed safely and efficiently whilst causing minimal disruption to the rest of the garden. Stump grinding produces a cleaner finish which is easier to deal with afterwards. We will fill in the hole if you wish, and always tidy away any garden debris.

Stump grinding for the best finish

Our stump grinding service is probably the best solution to your problem. Digging out the stump leaves behind an ugly, substantial hole that then needs to be filled, whereas stump grinding is not only quicker, but it leaves a hole barely bigger than the stump itself was, which is much easier to fill and produces a cleaner finish.

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